Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today I learned

Today I learned that I am human,

that I make mistakes,

that life is confusing for everyone,

that my cat loves me and will nuzzle my ear no matter how

stupid I am!

Today I learned that I can forgive myself my mistakes and do my best to make it right,

even though life is confusing; I am happy!

that my cat, well, she is my cat and always loves me!

I am grateful for my life, today, tomorrow, and always....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tiny Bubble Socks

There are done!! I am so happy and I really enjoyed working on these. They look more difficult than they are and I think you will enjoy knitting them up.

They would be beautiful in any sock yarn and are shown here in the Indie Dyer Supersock Select; Boogey Man colorway.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So much and so little time!

So much to see and do! I am knitting like a maniac and have 2 patterns about to be released; I am taking pics today and putting the final touches on them now. Of course socks and then a bag using the coolest beaded handles!

On the motorcycle front, my poor, poor Mariah is not feeling well! We were riding yesterday and all of a sudden she started to ride rough and lost tons of power! She's in the shop now, but I probably won't have her back soon, as Street Vibrations is just winding down and the number of bikes needing service is amazing! Here she is a couple of weeks ago up at Virginia City. Isn't she pretty?? I do love to ride and if there was anyway to knit and ride at the same time I would be a very happy girl. Alas, that just wouldn't be a safe thing, so don't worry, I will keep both hands on the handle bars, BUT you can be sure that there is knitting in those saddle bags!!!

Well, I'm off to work and knitting!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So much is going on around here and then it seems like nothing is happening to move things forward one little bit. Have you ever felt that way? I still have yet to get the paper work together for our 2007 taxes (partly because I didn't do a good job keeping track of our bank statements last year). I am going to suck it up today and look at the office to see where the statements may be hiding, although, Geoff & Chris have both looked and minimal finding has happened. UGH! I hope we can file another extension, sheesh! I wish it was due to the fact that we earned so much money last year, but alas, it is just laziness, or denial, or probably both!

On the knitting front I have cast off my Undulating Scarf/Shawl, but have decided to go back and add as many more repeats as the little bit of yarn and beads I have will allow.

I am looking forward to having this one done, but it has been a fun knit and very quick.

We did get a chance to go camping last weekend and we didn't have to go far to find some amazing country! Geoff and I had done a 250 mile ride a couple of days before, through Hope Valley, so I said let's pack it up and GO!! We had a GREAT time and the dogs loved it too.

Many years ago, I had mentioned to my too stressed out husband, Geoff, that he needed to stop and smell the flowers. He has done a terrific job and here is one of his lovely collections!

So with that I will take my leave and wish everyone wonderful moments, because isn't that all life is? Just a collection of moments?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


This Monday, the 14th of July our family said goodbye to an old friend. Pooh Bear came to us as a puppy with her sister Piglet and was one of the gentlest creature I have had the pleasure to know. The two puppies helped our dog Junior get over the loss of his brother Wolfie and helped all of us when Junior passed on. Of course having to let go of a good friend is always difficult and this was no exception.

We will miss Pooh Bear, but are of course glad that she is not suffering from her bodily failures any longer. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and this dog was a real gift in our lives.

Thank you Pooh Bear for letting us know you for almost 12 years.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's quiet as I sit here thinking of what to say. I close my eyes and hear the birds and smell the soft morning coolness as it wafts in from the open door. Should I say that I am me and that is unclear as something defined. Confused and yet accepting of that state of mind, I like me today. I even liked me yesterday and that is a good thing. I have decided that I will never truly 'find' myself because I am not actually lost. I am living and full of the beauty of my life. I am just as I should be at this moment in time. I am...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nature is...

Nature is,

harsh, yet soft,

it is cruel, yet kind,

it is calm, yet violent,

it is beauty personified,

it is the question,

it is the answer.

Ask the question and look out the window to see the answer.

Nature is...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am a bit SOCKY...

Well, I am excited because I took 2nd place in the Lorna's Laces sock contest! I have won 3 copies of my patterns and 4 hanks of Lorna's luscious sock yarn! That's enough to make 2 pairs and I chose 2 of my favorite colors; Edgewater & Baltic Sea! You can see the colors here at my favorite yarn shop Jimmy Beans Wool

I named the socks 'Herringbone Lace' and the wonderful Lorna's folks are taking their knit up version to The National NeedleArts Association where lots and lots of people will see them. I can't wait to see which colors they choose to knit them in.

Now this may all seem a bit silly to anyone who may be reading this, BUT my wonderful friend and knitting mentor, Allison Judge, and I started 2 Askew Designs late last year and this is priceless publicity!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at Lorna's Laces
whose infinite dabbling in the paint pots is the inspiration for these socks and many of my other creations. I am currently working on an elegant shawl in one of the Limited Edition colorways (Becca's Last Day) in Lion and Lamb. OOOOhhhhhhh yummy silk blend, in a worsted weight yarn.

Anyway, I am a bit excited, and humbled. I am new to design and well, to be recognized by such amazing artists is quite nice. Thanks you Lorna's!

Monday, May 19, 2008


It's 6:15 in the morning and instead of turning over and going back to sleep, I got up when the birds started chirping (5:15). I am sipping my coffee and my sweet gentle cat is nudging my wrist to pet her. Ahhhhhh, purrrr, she says! I am purring too!

Yesterday, we absolutely kept the television off! Wow, the difference it made in the tone around the house. AMAZING! It's not like I don't know the effect that infernal chatter box has on us, but we read, cleaned, and worked on our earthquake proofing of the stuff in the house. It was such a lovely day! I am going to take the blasted thing out of my bedroom and that's that! Maybe I will just throw it out the window!

I have truly had the most gifted days since Friday morning! I have been a complete dimwit of late and am trying to figure that out, and my only conclusion is that I think I should be a dimwit, so I am! Clearly this is an internal problem, but awareness is the first step to change. Oh, gosh there was a point to the side track on Dimwitteness and it was that on Friday I began the task of rehanging paintings with sturdy earthquake approved hooks (focusing and trying to chase the Dim Wits out of my head) and then my honey, Geoffy, called me and suggested we play hooky on the bikes! Well, gee you don't have to drop a Harley on me; I'm there! Let's ride......well, one of our routines is to check each other's tires for sharp things that are stuck in them, and well, bloody hell, I had a nail in my rear tire. Now, the truly interesting portion of the nail story is that while most riders NEVER have a flat; Geoff and I have both had one AND this is the second one for my bike! Holy cow am I glad I have an extended warranty on my bike! Sheesh there goes our ride, or at least mine....ahhhhh, but wait, I have a free rental coupon from the good folks a Reno Harley (because I spend sooooooo much money there, UGH) and well, why not? They have a Heritage Softail and I jump at the chance to ride that bad boy for the next 24 hours. So we are back on for a GREAT ride up Mt. Rose HWY and all the way around Lake Tahoe!

Beauuuuutifulll ride! Well, I need another want like a hole in the head, but that Heritage is the most amazing machine! The difference is like a VW Bug (which I have) and a Cadillac. I rode like the wind and my butt wasn't numb and well, of course I would LOVE to have one of my own. However, for now, I will stick with Mariah (she's a truly amazing machine too!) and just look with a wanting eye at all the Heritages on the road.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rockin' and Rollin'

Well, I am awake and it is 5:27 am, and actually I have been awake for most of the night. My sweet little Sierra has been on edge and then of course we had a 4.0 earthquake at 4:33 this morning. It's hard to imagine that the 4.7 we had Friday night was so much more than that, but it was! Geoff, my brainiack says that as the numbers go up the severity goes up by a factor of 10. Now, I am no math wiz (as anyone who knows me will attest) but, I do know that when the shakin' started on Friday night it was much more severe than this morning. So, the way I understand it is that is a factor of 70. I just can't imagine what bigger is like? All the California earthquakes that have done such damage and taken lives are becoming quite real to me.

This really hits home to me, the fact that the Human race is so powerless over our environment. Sure, we can build to help with damage in lots of situations, but the bottom line is we need to have more humility for the awesome power that is Mother Earth. I have always worked hard to live in the moment and yesterday I had some GREAT moments! We went for a ride with two of our new motorcycle buddies and it was beautiful! We rode up to Lake Tahoe and had lunch at Garwoods. It was warm and the lake was like a still pond. As we came back down, we rode through Truckee on Glenshire and I thought of Dannette bobette! I know she lives around there somewhere. Then we rode around Boca and along the rode by the river. Boy was it beautiful! Earthquakes and all, I am so grateful for my life at this very moment. Have lots of great moments today and don't let the stupid stuff get to you; it's just not worth it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

UGH! Technology..

Ok, I am just on a rant about technology and especially software! Computers are so ridiculously specific. If you type just one thing that isn't right they will NOT forgive. Picky, picky, picky! So I just stopped by to let anyone who may care that 2 Askew Designs now has a website, BUT that silly little me can't get the site 'pushed' out there yet. You can check out our blog if you like and I will try to keep that somewhat current.

Phew, maybe I will go ride the bike! I did just water the yard a bit and finally the weather is getting sweet!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crazy times, or is it just me?

Well, at the shop if I get a little tilted; we call it being 'Pickley'. I have been a little tilted lately, but have seemed to pull it together the last couple of days.

I am currently relearning HTML, or better known as web design, after an extended hiatus (about 10 years)! UGH! I have some great mentors and have had a ton of awesome input that has helped get the cobwebs knocked down. However, it is still a big learning curve. The site I am working on getting going is of course, 2 Askew Designs so far there is still Godaddy's page holder there, BUT stay tuned it is starting to come together!

I have gotten the email up and running, so give me a shout at and I should be able to get back to you soon! In the meantime we do have some new patterns out that you can see here at Jimmy Beans Wool of course riding, knitting, and some crochet are on my mind too, phew!

Stay tuned same Bat Channel for more....

Monday, March 31, 2008

I am here, really..

Hi all,

Well, contrary to popular belief I am around! I have been working on some patterns for 2 Askew Designs and of course any chance that I get; riding the bike!

My fellow 2 Askewer, Allison, has been working hard on her end of things and well, I am designing our website. It is fun to remind myself what I know and of course learn the things that I can't remember! There is currently just a place holder here Stay tuned though it will come together!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well I did it! I made it to 50, the big 50, half a century! Wow, I really love it! I enjoy every birthday, everyday is a miracle. I am so blessed in life that words just can't really express my joy. I had a visitor at work for my birthday, and I got to spend some much needed time with my family (mostly my husband). Thanks Jimmy for the early out on Friday!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Finally! Snow, snow, snow!

Well, it is finally snowing and it is so beautiful! There are some down sides, as there has been some spotty flooding and well my guys are a little sick, but otherwise it is so cool! Well, actually down right cold, wet and white. It's knitting weather for sure and I am on it too! I have some long, warm, Luscious Loungers I am working on for 2 Askew. I am using Lorna's Laces Worsted and have already finished the shorter version. Ooooohhhh I can't wait to wear them, but for now they are down at the shop doing a little advertising. I used one of the limited editions in the worsted, Autumn Leaves. WOW! It is so beautiful! 2 Askew is up and running and we now have 3 whole published patterns. The wonderful Jimmy of
will be putting up the 3rd offering from my dear friend and partner in this endeavour. It is called Basketweave Watch Cap, by Allison Judge! Way to go Allison, although I am still not happy that you didn't take me to Hawaii with you! Sheesh! Ha Ha Ha! Have a great time! Aloha....

At any rate everyone please be safe and knit, knit, knit, oh yeah wanna go for a Harley ride?? No takers, well fine then I guess I will keep the bike in the garage for now.