Saturday, July 19, 2008


This Monday, the 14th of July our family said goodbye to an old friend. Pooh Bear came to us as a puppy with her sister Piglet and was one of the gentlest creature I have had the pleasure to know. The two puppies helped our dog Junior get over the loss of his brother Wolfie and helped all of us when Junior passed on. Of course having to let go of a good friend is always difficult and this was no exception.

We will miss Pooh Bear, but are of course glad that she is not suffering from her bodily failures any longer. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and this dog was a real gift in our lives.

Thank you Pooh Bear for letting us know you for almost 12 years.


Auntie Pudentaine said...

Oh, Jeanne, I am so sorry! They have such a special way of loving us that makes us miss them all the more. I am feeling for you all!

Bubba said...

Oh my heart hurts right now, why can't our pet family members live as long as us? My hugs and Kisses to you