Monday, April 28, 2008

Rockin' and Rollin'

Well, I am awake and it is 5:27 am, and actually I have been awake for most of the night. My sweet little Sierra has been on edge and then of course we had a 4.0 earthquake at 4:33 this morning. It's hard to imagine that the 4.7 we had Friday night was so much more than that, but it was! Geoff, my brainiack says that as the numbers go up the severity goes up by a factor of 10. Now, I am no math wiz (as anyone who knows me will attest) but, I do know that when the shakin' started on Friday night it was much more severe than this morning. So, the way I understand it is that is a factor of 70. I just can't imagine what bigger is like? All the California earthquakes that have done such damage and taken lives are becoming quite real to me.

This really hits home to me, the fact that the Human race is so powerless over our environment. Sure, we can build to help with damage in lots of situations, but the bottom line is we need to have more humility for the awesome power that is Mother Earth. I have always worked hard to live in the moment and yesterday I had some GREAT moments! We went for a ride with two of our new motorcycle buddies and it was beautiful! We rode up to Lake Tahoe and had lunch at Garwoods. It was warm and the lake was like a still pond. As we came back down, we rode through Truckee on Glenshire and I thought of Dannette bobette! I know she lives around there somewhere. Then we rode around Boca and along the rode by the river. Boy was it beautiful! Earthquakes and all, I am so grateful for my life at this very moment. Have lots of great moments today and don't let the stupid stuff get to you; it's just not worth it.


Bubba said...

Riding a motorcycle is like the ultimate therapy session, don't you think?

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Yeah!! You have been blogging again! ...and yep, you did go right past my house :-)