Sunday, September 28, 2008

So much and so little time!

So much to see and do! I am knitting like a maniac and have 2 patterns about to be released; I am taking pics today and putting the final touches on them now. Of course socks and then a bag using the coolest beaded handles!

On the motorcycle front, my poor, poor Mariah is not feeling well! We were riding yesterday and all of a sudden she started to ride rough and lost tons of power! She's in the shop now, but I probably won't have her back soon, as Street Vibrations is just winding down and the number of bikes needing service is amazing! Here she is a couple of weeks ago up at Virginia City. Isn't she pretty?? I do love to ride and if there was anyway to knit and ride at the same time I would be a very happy girl. Alas, that just wouldn't be a safe thing, so don't worry, I will keep both hands on the handle bars, BUT you can be sure that there is knitting in those saddle bags!!!

Well, I'm off to work and knitting!

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Bubba said...

If it makes you feel any better, we rode all the way to Reno Harley, stayed for a couple of hours, then rode home, Jay did the dyna drag races, lost to a Yamaha and now his check engine light keeps coming on, so fun expensive (I'm sure) weekend.......