Saturday, November 3, 2007

Is anybody out there??

Well, I am typing away with my new stress relief gloves on and they may be alright. I have been a bit testy of late; as my hands have gone into some sort of rebellion! They just hurt, and hurt and hurt! While I hate to admit that it is knitting that has been causing this painful hand thing I will have to shout it out! It's knitting that is causing this pain! Ugh, I have been working on some smallish kinda things and it has taken it's toll on my poor old hands. Size 2 needles and the yarn that goes along with it is well, just a pain in the hand! Ok, ok well enough whining off I go to knit some more, take good prescriptions to help me keep knitting, and try to ignore the inevitable trip to the Doctor. Of course there is knitting to do! ;-p


Auntie Pudentaine said...

I'm here and ya!!

I think you ought to post some pictures of your "nirvana". Something about covered in yarn, on a HOG!!

Freaky Knitter said...

You are my biggest fan! Oh my gosh! I have been trying to decide which pic to put up of the HOG. Will keep you posted...what was it we were talking about today that was on Ravelry??